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Jiangsu Laiyi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Be Dedicated To The Extrusion And Lamination Industry.


Jiangsu Laiyi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

A few words about us
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Jiangsu Laiyi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Laiyi Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007 and moved to Jintan District in 2015. The new factory with enlarged scale and advanced technology has improved its brand influence and become the industry leader in the forefront of China with increasing market share in China's extrusion lamination industry. 


Company Details

Main Market

Eastern Europe

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia

Middle East


Business Type



Brands : Laiyi

No. of Employees : 100~120

Year Established : 2007

Export p.c : 70% - 80%

Company History

Company History:


Changzhou Laiyi Plastics machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007 and changed o Jiangsu Laiyi Packing

Machinery Co.,Ltd.2015. The new factory with enlarged scale and advanced technology in the new district has

iimproved its brand influence and become the industry leader in the forefront of China with a large number of market share in Chinese extrusion laminating machine industry. especially in PVDF solar energy backplane film industry, Laiyi has been in the lead in the China.


Laiyi has provided its own high quality extrusion laminating production line to customers. Laiyi has long-term strategic cooperation relationship with enterprises all over the world and is long-term cooperation supplier of Yongyi Group, Xingyuan Holding Co., Ninbo Asia Paper Co., etc in China and India Uflex Limited, Indonesia Pt. Squar Jaya., etc. 


Jiangsu Laiyi has a highly sophisticated technical personnel, wiith high-quality team that can provide comprehensive and timely service to customers. "Professional qualifications to create brand" is Laiyi business objectives. " Create excellence by quality, provide service with honesty" is Laiyi's business purposes. Laiyi seeks for and improves the scientific management based on talent strategy, to face the soceity with its corporate identity as high social responsibility. in the road ahead, Jiangsu Laiyi hopes to confirm your confidence in cooperation better and realize dreams of each other faster by its fast, professional and enthusiastic service. 

Company Service

Enterprise Mission:


Be dedicated to be the packing machinery manufacturer who can provide  the first

class machine and service to the world. 


Be based on honesty to be highly valued and trusted by all interested parties and to make

contribuions o the society.



Laiyi's Values:


Constomer First


Put customer value in our first place, 

to provide high-quality goods and service.


Emphasis on technique


Keep on researching core technologies and make contributions to the society.


Challenge the changes


Be dscontent to stand still and challenge all kinds of changes in the future.


people Oriented

Create corporate culture as respecting each other and making progress by learing

from each other. 

Company Team

Strong and flexible service capability:


from food package for snacks to liquid package for milk, from aseptic package for cosmetic and medical supplies to package for staionery and electronci products.


we produce indispensable composite films for packing industry from the commodities to the highly sophisticated products.


the extrusion laminating machine of Jiangsu Laiyi has single sided, double sided, and multi-layer co-extrusion type for various papers machinee. the high-quality and stable performance, the widely used compound films can satisfy customers' diversified demand. 

Jiangsu Laiyi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
NO.238 East Jinsheng Road, JinTan District, ChangZhou City, JinagSu Province,China
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